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Welcome to Visit-Kharkov.org.ua. This is your guide for the city of Kharkov. You will learn about all the sights and interesting places in Kharkov ... Legends and historical facts, photos of sights - Kharkov will show you all my most interesting places. All information about interesting places in Kharkov conveniently structured in sections, the addresses of historic sights, they are marked in the map. There are addresses and phone numbers of museums, as well as the time of their work. Not forgotten, and Kharkiv region - in fact there are also many interesting things.

  The site is primarily designed for individual travelers and tourists, who for the first time in Kharkov and want to explore all the important places in the city itself, without haste. Soon the site will be the popular hiking and road route of  the city Kharkiv. And of course, accommodation and meals important issue, especially in a big city like Kharkiv, where the price of the hotel and lunch at the cafe, in different locations can vary greatly differents. Our website provides information about hotels - from cheap hostels, to ending with a 5-star hotels. The same goes for cafes and restaurants in the  Kharkiv - a brief overview of the institution and the price level - can help you choose a restaurant or a cafe in its low-cost budget and culinary preferences.

For travelers who prefer organized tours - there is a section "Excursions in the city of Kharkov", where you'll find a list of travel companies and travel agencies in Kharkov, and they provide detailed program of walking and bus tours of the city.

Kharkiv on the eve of Euro 2012 - the site will provide information about the stadiums in Kharkov, webcam, the cost of tickets and ticket offices of EURO 2012 in Kharkiv

We hope that our website will be your reliable guide in Kharkov, simply and talk about interesting places and tourist can save your budget for accommodation and meals.

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